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Oxygen plants manufactured at our factory and supplied all over the world are technologically very advanced, high performing and reliable. Apart from the international technology and design and their frequent updation, we purchase high quality raw materials and equipments. The machines come in different capacities to meet the requirement of everyone and generate high purity oxygen and nitrogen, which meet the requirement of different medical and industrial applications. Our oxygen gas plants are entitled to go through numerous testing and quality check procedures before being finally available for packaging and shipment. Oxygen manufacturing plants in South Africa, South America and Middle-east countries are performing well to the expectation of our valuable clients.Imprinted with the CE mark, we are one of the few oxygen plant manufacturers in India supplying high quality plants.

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Oxygen Nitrogen Cold Box
Cylinder Filling Oxygen/Nitrogen Plant

Cylinder filling of Oxygen & Nitrogen gas production at High Purity and at pressure upto 200 bar.

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Liquid Oxygen Nitrogen
Liquid Oxygen Nitrogen Plant

Plants for Liquid Oxygen Nitrogen production with storage and supply via cryogenic tanks.

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Acetylene Plant
Acetylene Gas Plants

Fully Automated plants with high safety for Acetylene gas Cylinder filling .

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Oxygen Plants

The oxygen plants manufactured at our well equipped manufacturing units operate at a low pressure process of 6 to 8 bar using advanced air compressors. The systems generate oxygen and nitrogen of bone dry quality at 99.7% and 99.99% purity respectively making it perfect for both medical as well as industrial applications. We have also form an R&D unit, which is being headed by senior engineers, to analyze the current market and upgrade our range to best suit our customers.

Our oxygen gas plants are suppose to go through a number of testing and quality controlling procedure before being available to shipment. Different teams are designated to check each part so that the chance of leaving an error gets minimized. Once the shipping team gets clearance from the concerning departments, it starts packaging and shipping procedure. Once the machine reaches to the destination, we send engineers to provide commission, erection and installation services. After running the plant and providing training to the operator, the engineer would leave the client site.

As we are one of the best oxygen plant manzufacturers in India, we place a high premium on the quality of oxygen gas filling plant in order to ensure that our customer get the full value of the money they spend. We are one of the few oxygen gas plant manufacturers who have got ISO 9001:2008 and CE certifications. We are leading oxygen plant suppliers offering industrial gas plants known for reliabiliy, durability, high performance, top quality, best prices and quality after sales service.


Uses of oxygen in industry are rampant. A tasteless gas without smell or color, oxygen is part of the air people use to breathe. Without oxygen gas, humans, animals and other living beings will not be able to survive. Apart from breathing, the oxygen gas is employed in various industrial chemical applications. It finds application in a number of industries, including:

Healthcare Industry:

Hospitals cannot run in the absence of oxygen. They have cylinders in stock to provide to patients post surgery and other who suffer breathing problems. In addition, healthcare industries also use the gas for the treatment and prevention of hypoxemia and hypoxia.

Metal Production Industry:

The gas plays a vital role in enhancing combustion efficiency in both ferrous and non-ferrous metal production. Main functions in metal production industry include Argon Oxygen Decarburization, Direct Oxygen Injection, Oxygen-Enhanced Combustion, Hot Oxygen Technology and Stove Oxygen Enrichment.

Steel Industry:

The oxygen gas is employed for steel reheating, cutting and burning. Highly pure oxygen is employed in cutting and burning processes to run automatic cutoff torches and cutting of crops and other forms of mill scrap.

Mining and Metal Industry:

Mining and metal industry needs a number of gases for various applications for instance flotation, leaching, roasting, pressure oxidation, carbonate precipitation, and pH control and water treatment. Such an industry needs oxygen on a regular basis.

Water & Wastewater Treatment:

The gas is employed for your waste water treatment as it works as feed gas for your ozone system. It is a perfect option for removing pollutants from the water.

Aviation Industry:

Gaseous oxygen is used to support rocket fuel combustion. Without the gas, the industry won’t to able to function. It also needs liquid form of oxygen to prepared and launched many bipropellant vehicles.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology:

Oxygen is used in Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology for fermenting and bioreacting. Continuous supply of oxygen needs to be maintained to function efficiently.

Welding & Metal Fabrication:

Without oxygen gas, it is not possible to think of laser cutting. The gas is needed for both Cutting Processes as well as Welding Processes.

Glass and Ceramics Industry:

Glass and Ceramics Industry uses oxygen for construction and heating of new furnaces. They people in the industry keep the gas filled in cylinders and uses as per the requirements.

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