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With the international exposure and technological proficiency, our company manufactures and exports a variety of technologically updated and high performing acetylene gas plants. They are employed in a number of industries to generate produce (C2H2). The colorless, garlic-like odor and highly flammable gas is a compound of carbon and hydrogen. A chemical reaction between the calcium carbide and water creates the gas. Available in different capacities that range from 25 m3/hour to 100 m3/hour; so our customers can choose one as per their requirement as well as budget. We are technically collaborated with to incorporate the best technology available.

The acetylene gas plant manufactured by our company performs exceptionally for over 30 years. They are designed by Dr. Boschi of Italy and modified by our experienced engineers to perfection. Since our plants are fully automatic, they do not require much human effort to run them. Despite of exporting the plants, we also offer exceptional after sales services, customer support and warranty/guarantee services.

Our engineers have instaled acetylene gas plant in Nigeria, acetylene gas plant in Japan, acetylene gas plant France, acetylene gas plant plant in Saudi Arabia, acetylene gas plant Iraq, acetylene gas plant in Mexico and acetylene gas plant Dubai, acetylene gas plant Qatar, acetylene gas plant Algeria, acetylene gas plant in Egypt, acetylene gas plant in Brazil, acetylene gas plant Turkey, acetylene gas plant Mexico, acetylene gas plant Oman, acetylene gas plant in Kuwait, acetylene gas plant Argentina, acetylene gas plant in Peru, acetylene gas plant in Yemen, acetylene gas plant Tunisia, acetylene gas plant UAE, acetylene gas plant in Nepal and many more countries.

Salient features of the plants include :

  • Working efficiency
  • Trouble free operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Sturdy and compact design

We have a team of well qualified and experienced engineers who have technical about designing, manufacturing and installation and commissioning of diverse capacity acetylene plants. Prior to shipping a plant, each part of the system gets checked and the plant gets run by the team to ensure effective functioning at clients’ site. We have shipping experts who ship the plants professionally in the containers so that they do not damage in the way.

With extensive experience in the industry and technologically advanced production units, we have earned trust of a number of clients spread out over 40 countries including Africa, Middle East and South East Asia. Apart from long life span, which is minimum 25 to 30 years, our oxygen plants are checked thoroughly by a quality controller team before being shipped.

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